New Furniture Pieces!

We are stocking up on some great smaller pieces of furniture that we guarantee will help you to organize your space.  Take a look at these!

The Manuel bench for the front hall or at the foot of a bed.  A seat and storage!

The Doorganizer mounts on the wall and has 6 large hooks, 4 small hooks ( for keys etc), a mirror and a mail pocket.  And it’s only 3″ deep!

This locker-inspired industrial unit could be used as an entertainment unit, a bedside table, or an office shelving/storage unit.

Perfect for a bathroom cabinet.  Four shelves and a glass door.

The Chalet bench is available in 14 colours.  Use it anywhere to need some extra seating.

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2 Responses to New Furniture Pieces!

  1. jenna says:

    how much is the locker inspired industrial unit? what are the dimensions? what kind of wood is it? whats inside doors? do you ship to NJ? how much is shipping?? thanks!

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