Back To School Care Package

For some students this Fall “back to school” takes on a whole new meaning as they head off to college or university out of town. A tough transition for both students and parents!

Want to send them off with a useful, personal, and fun care package that could transition and last for many years to come?

Medicine box

This first aid box is made from enamel coated metal and has an inner removable tray with sections for keeping everything organized.

Medicine box birds eyeIt can be filled with all of the necessary stuff like bandaids, Tylenol, and cold tablets but you can also get creative and use it for things like: scissors and tape, a mini sewing kit, an extra toothbrush and tooth paste, personal care products, a favourite colour of nail polish and some polish remover, disposable razors, some of their favourite treats for late night studying (sour patch kids? M&M’s?) teabags, a loaded Tim’s card, a $20 bill, a small book of inspirational quotes, a couple of family photos (including one of a beloved pet who they will be missing too!).

The first aid box can be filled again and again in the years to come with similar things or totally differently themed items – when they get their first job,  get their own apartment,  get married, buy a house, have a baby….

Anything goes.  We’re sure you will think of many items that your student will find useful, comforting, or encouraging as they head out in the world.

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