The Renos -May

First up …. a mid-reno get together!

DSCN7994IMG_2293DSCN8002DSCN8001On Cinco de Mayo we usually have a dinner party and of course this year we had no kitchen.  Instead of cancelling, we paired the usual guest list down to 9 people and held our annual Mexican feast (and a renovation tour!) in the middle of the destruction.  We made three kinds of tacos and three different sauces along with fresh tortillas made in a cast iron skillet on the BBQ.  No one seemed to mind the mess – good company, good food and good margaritas (courtesy of our neighbours)!


18493-312-07-998Bath light

IMG_2483With partitions complete, the electricians and plumbers moved in to do their work.  At this point we needed to know the positions of all of our required outlets and pot lights as well as the style of sconces we were using in the bathroom so that the electrical boxes could be placed at the appropriate height.  All of the plumbing fixture had already been chosen since they needed to know exactly where to place the pipes.  Not a problem for our vanity since it was a piece that we had chosen early and it arrived two days after we placed the order only to grace our front porch for two months.  The tub was special ordered and has only just arrived and we are still waiting for our out-of-stock shower base – six weeks and counting! Please arrive soon!


Once the wiring and plumbing were complete we had the entire upstairs sprayed with foam insulation.  This took two days to complete and required that we move out for two nights since it is not recommended to breathe in the fumes released in the process.  Not too bad to be displaced for the first time after 7 weeks of construction!


A few days later, under threatening looking skies, the drywall was delivered into the house by hoisting it up by crane to the dormer window space.  The delivery guys were awesome and agreed to use their crane to lift both our tub and vanity up to the second floor window saving our contractors and my husband the back- breaking job of hauling them up the stairs.  All was complete seconds before the clouds opened up.

Next up – flooring, tiles, countertops and paint colours!


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